Peranan Teknologi Dalam Pertumbuhan Sektor Transportasi Dan Komunikasi Di Indonesia : 1977-2007

Alkadri Alkadri

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Application of technologtj in economic development of a nation spread across various eronomic sectors,
including transportation and communication sector. In Indonesia, the progress achieved by
transportation and communication sector-especially in terms of value added grawth- over the last
three decades can not be separated from the role of technological progress in this sector. By using t.otal
factor productivihj (TFP) approach as a indicator for the role of technological progress, this paper
tries to calculate and analyze how much the role of technological progress in the grawth of transportation
and communication sector. Calculation method used is growth accounting method which
applied to the Cobb-Douglas production function. The calculations shaw that during the period
1977-2007 transportation and communication sector achieved grawth rate m;erage 7.77% per year,
where 2.29% of which came from the contribution of technological progress (TFPG). The role of this
technology is greater than the role of labor grawth (1.85%), but slightly belaw the role of capital
growth (3.63%). These results imply that the development of technology in transportation and
communication sector must be increased again in the coming years in order t.o encourage the growth
of transportation and communication sect.or higher.

Keywords : Tecknologi, Transportataion and Komunication, Total Factor ProductivihJ

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